Monday, December 22, 2008

FuLL HouSe 2??

X tau ni btul ke x psl ad FuLL House 2.klu slh jgn slhkan ak td ak bukak group friendster ak arini, terbukak lh st forum yang menyatakan bahawa FuLL House 2 akan ada pada mase dtg...misti best kan criter kali ni..yang ak dngar pelakon asal FuLl House yg dl xkan berlakon pada siri kali ni..yang ad adalh
JUNG Yun-ho (dbsk), CHOI Shi-won (super junior), BAE Seul-gi danLEE Yeon-hee. Criter ni masih lagi dlam pembikinan. dan mungkin akan ditayangkan pada tahun hadapn. tuk tidak menghampakan korang, ak letak kan ckit preview mengenai siri FuLL House 2 terbaru ni..

From d website!
Hello readers! This is my second fanfiction, and before you go: “but Full House is RAIN & HAE-GYO!! Part 2 should have them too, this is so wrong!”… I read yesterday that they’re making Full House 2, but the script is only completed up to episode 3 and the cast has not been determined yet. Rain and Hae-gyo were great in Full House, and yes they had great chemistry. But really, should the plot be continued from where it left off? I’m not too sure about it. Full House did have a “tidy” ending, unlike Goong. A new cast for season 2 would be better in my opinion. Still sort of centering around the “house”… So, that led me to think, if there was a new cast for the sequel, who would I want in it? And what sort of plot?

Full House 2 / 풀하우스 2

JUNG Yun-ho is an extremely popular singer-model-actor. Gossip of him is highly sort for in media circles, but as his manager is extremely efficient and cautious… the tabloids never have much to herald. Yun-ho is on the verge of launching a career in Hollywood, but progress is stumped by fears that secrets from his past will be unearthed.

BAE Seul-gi’s
dream is to become a journalist working for Won-Jun Press, which is one of country’s biggest news and broadcasting network corporation. Little does she know that there will be no chance of it, because her grandfather and the owner of Won-Jun Press have a long standing grudge. Seul-gi moves to Seoul to pursue her dream career, head full of glamorous daydreams… but two months down the track, she’s not too sure anymore whether she would make it. After getting fired from a job, and discovering her belongings thrown out by the landlord, Seul-gi goes on a desperate hunt for work and a place to stay.

LEE Yeon-hee is Yun-ho’s manager or co-ordinator. She’s a few years older than him and takes care of all his personal matters, from filming schedules to hiring of cleaning personnel. Yeon-hee buries herself with work, making sure there isn’t a spare moment to think about love.

CHOI Shi-won
’s grandfather is the owner of Won-Jun Press. He and Yeon-hee have been friends since childhood, but she has always thought of him as a brother. To get Yeon-hee to see him differently, Shi-won tries to equal her maturity and adopt her work attitude. He turns up for work at his father’s company, but finds little joy in reviewing articles sent in by applicants, until he comes across something Seul-gi wrote.
Many similarities to Full House:
1. Male lead is an actor
2. Supporting female works with him
3. Female lead is a writer
4. Supporting male works in some sort of broadcasting company
5. Domestic contract
Anyways, I promise the similarities will end there. Hope you enjoy, and do comment!! I love reading them.

OTHER CAST: (will be added as the story progresses)
Kim Jae Joong
Jang Jeong Hoon
Go Eun Ah

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