Sunday, April 04, 2010

......Cn BLuE -- OnE Of a KiNd....

......CN BLUE -- OnE Of a KiNd....

On the floor, your're moving in a way a can't ingore
I'm in heart, i caught a glimpse and now I'm at your feet

I can't escape it, there's nowhere ot hide
This feelin I got I can't deny
I don't know your name but it's all the same
coz I can feel your heart and now I'm sure

Don't you know theres nothing I can do,
I gotta get to know you
I have to see this through i want it all
I gotta let you know, this feeling is so true
Coz I know that you're One of a kind
And I can't get you out of my mind
All alone, thought I was doing better on my own
Then you came, and now my life will never be
the same no~ no~

What would you say if i was to walk up to you
Would you feel the same if I told you this feeling is true
I wonder what would you do

DoWnLoaD HeRe

nota x berkaki :: to ajah...dulu kutuk2 aku suke cn blue....skang ni br ko tau band ni mmg best....luv it!!

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nor hafiza binti baharudin said...

saya sudah layan we got married...
nana, ak ske sweet potato nye kapel...mmg best.=))
tetibe trus minat cn blue